Alone in November Rain

My 2 recently posting from these "warnet". I always found that the song played here fit with my mood and improvise me to write.

Before i heard Netral song witch titled "Sorry". And now... I heard November Rain from GnR...
i'm not broken heart neither in love rite now... but i found the themes and some part of lyrics has a lot of common with my feeling today.

When i wake up at night today... i felt a strange feeling, a lonesome feeling mixed with happiness... A loss for a new experience... Leaved by the lovely thing and get switched with the other one... Darn! it's strange but it quite meaningfull.

You can see the night sky with the star on it and give your little smile.... to think of, i felt there will be a nice thing to come

written in English as a consideration for my lack of skill in these language... For the story of what happen today... i'm consider to post it as long as it doesn't basbang and i got the resource i need to write


boku_baka said…
That's quite melancholic of you, Dam.
But you're right, sometimes something inside us just being awaken, and thus made us feel that way (the way you're feeling now)
ganbatte ne.
Astrid said…
november rain...always been my soundtrack of the month =)
afin yuliani said…
are you lonesome tonight?
hehehe...just make your strange feelin' go away guys, it means nothing,
sesy said…
hmmm, another site that a bit surprised me

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